_ The one where you are with your partner and missing the love of your life.

_ The one where you sitting amongst a group of successful friends and they are planning a trip overseas but you can only imagine what it feels like to have extra cash to travel.

_ The one where you want to exhale all your problems but theres nobody to vent to.

_ The one where you have so much love to give and no one to give it to so you end up living pieces of yourself on people who dont deserve you.

_ The one where you feel a deep connection with someone who doesnt see you past their lust for you.

_ The one where you are constantly misunderstood.

_ The one where you and all your friends lowkey dont like each other but y’all are loney and non of you will admit that you all perfectly fill each others voids.

_ The one where you are surrounded by people but dont have authentic and meaningful relationship with them.

_ The one where all your friends have kids and suddenly you can’t relate to them anymore.

_ The one where you are surrounded by people that you cant be fully be yourself with.

_ The one where you finally decide to have your first child and the minute you bring them to the world you regret the rest of your life because you never planned on raising them all by yourself.

*Pick one and let me know how you deal with it.

Thank you for being here.


  1. Number 2..,i always tell myself that it’s all about timing and my situation and thier situation are not the same..therefore I shouldn’t compare myself with them..

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  2. I have related to most of them in my life but the one that closely relates now is having people around who I don’t have true authentic relationships. We say we are friends but really we are acquaintances. We talk when we see each other but I don’t get texts or calls to hang. I’m a friend of convenience when I’m around.

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  3. Basicly all of th first one stands out..the others am dealing with and hv told myself tht eventually l will rise above them all…after all u only hv one life to live and life is wht u make it..

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  4. Good one Veeh. I’m a bit late but I enjoyed this.
    A few of these also made me put myself in the shoes of those close to me and made me have a bit of an idea of how I make them feel when I act or suggest certian things.
    Thanks for that

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  5. _ “The one where you are surrounded by people that you cant be fully be yourself with.”

    I really miss my high school friends I wish we could venture to the same careers . Ay my current coligues are boring I even think of resigning.

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    1. It’s always like that with growth, you meet different personalities which are in no way inline with who you used to be the best way is to adapt and focus on the better you🤗 thank you for reading


  6. I have dealt with all of these in my lifetime. In the end, as we age, we become more and more appreciative of ourselves and less concerned with what others think. I still struggle with others when I am surrounded by those who are more successful than I am, but in the end, I have everything I need deep inside me. I feel very little need to be validated anymore. And I surround myself with others who are real, and sincere and appreciate both those qualities.

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