Sunsets at Stanley Street Port Elizabeth

Salt at Stanley Street with the a couple of friends and lots of jam jars.

I remember moving into this city a couple of years ago I thought I was just passing by. I completed my National Diploma in Human Resource management at the

NelsonMandela University in the year 2016 and I thought maybe I could stay a bit longer because the windy City was still a bit friendly to me.

Stanley Street is one of South Africa’s Newest blossoming food scene according to @traveller24 situated at the heart of Richmond Hill. This is one of the most vibrant streets in the friendly city following the most famous Parliament Street which runs through the city’s business development chambers.

A Saturday afternoon after a long day at work my friends @nangamso @viwe and I enjoyed a couple of the most soothing and cooling Jam Jars served by the friendly staff @salt. A great girl time session enjoyed either on the inside or outside of the restaurant with a cooling wind and awesome view is what a girl needs after a long week of sending and receiving emails from an unfriendly boss.

Stanley Street really puts Port Elizabeth on the map with its ever developing offerings every year there is a really cool restaurant popping up with its unique menu and great architectural structure and the coolest thing about these restaurants is that they cater for all types of citizens in the area from students to working professionals as well as families.

This definitely a place to consider when hosting friends from outside of town or just simply enjoying a night or day out with loved ones💓

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