Thrift shopping addiction

Some of the cool items i have found in thrift shops around Port Elizabeth.

Thrifting is basically an ultimate example of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure. I remember my first experience of shopping in a hospice shop was in Pine town Durban with a colleague of mine who was already a master at it. At first I didn’t really understand but when she walked out with a bag full of clothes and cool vintage bags all for under R200 I suggested we go back the next so I could also find some cool and worth keeping, since then; before I go to a retail store to look for a certain item I like to make sure that it’s not available at all the thrift stores around my area. It was then when i discovered that the type of clothing i wanted was no longer sold at retail stores but with a bit of patience and persistence i would find some really cool items digging through dusty shelves and jumble racks in hospice second hand outlets.

Thrifting is a unique experience, from the excitement of finding something that you were not expecting to find to the defeat of  finding something really cool but in a wrong size and having to convince yourself that something is cooler than it it, but at end of it all even if you don”t get something that you were initially looking for you always walk out with something. thrifting is a lifestyle therefore it is not like regular shopping imagine finding timeless pieces of vintage items at an amazingly cheap price and the satisfaction that comes with the certainty that you will be the only person who own owns that particular item from your circle.

Here are some benefits of buying in thrift stores.

🌻Saving money ( thrift stores are so much cheaper than retail stores )

🌻One stop shop ( you can literally find everything you need in one store from clothing to home utilities

🌻Sale ( they sometimes have sale on items which are already low on prices which is even cooler

🌻Purpose ( hospice shops are basically charity work which serves a good purpose to the community at large

🌻New items on a daily basis

Here are a few cool items which i have found in thrift shops in the Bay.

This is one of my favourite items that I have had for over 6 years and believe it or not I paid only R30 for it at a hospice shop in Forest Hill Port Elizabeth. It is an easy to wear all seasons oversized Jersey that I can either wear with jeans, knee high boots with either a short or tights inside or just simply rock with a short denim skirt💕 I have had so many requests to give it away but not this one😍 it has become one sentimental valued item in my space.

I absolutely love these sky blue pants from Rink Street hospice shop which I bought for a whopping R20 back in 2016. I love the feel of the material in my body and the fact that they are easy to wear because they loose. I keep them for days when I want to look smart with a touch of my own style and usually pair them up with a crop top or a bodysuit of any bright colour either for a lunch or an easy stroll at the beach.

These are my all time favorites aswell. The black top/dress I got from a second hand shop this one time I was in Durban which costed me R15 even though it has become too short due to my growth I still rock it with a pair of either black jeans or black leggings with flat shoes or sneakers to create a more relaxed and playful look.  The pants I am wearing on the second picture are originally from @mango but I got them at a second hand shop in Durban Spring Field road. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price of them  was 50 rand. The material and the design of these pants is timeless I have had them since 2013 and are still relevant even till this day.💓

This is a silk Sherwani which is traditional Indian wear for Men. I got this timeless piece at the Newton Park hospice shop in Port Elizabeth some time last year for only R50. I wear it over jeans and a  T-shirt as a coat just to add a bit of chic look to my outfit.💕

Last but not least this awesome over the bum coat is originally from @woolworths but its one of the few items I got from Coat King in Govern Mbeki Avenue in Port Elizabeth central for only R50. I can rock it both with a formal and casual look and it fits perfectly with any colour that I combine it with because it is in a greyish warm colour that goes with almost anything.

Not everyone is for thrift shops nor understand what they are about but what i can say it that it is a great opportunity to turn shopping into a creative act you basically get a chance to make something out of almost nothing and still make it look cool. There’s not greater freedom and self- actualisation. 

Thank you🤗

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