What’s on your glass tonight?

For me its either sparkly or very dry, it depends on my mood and for tonight’s mood I’m having a STONEDALE2018 (CHENIN BLANC) which is locally produced and bottled by the burger family.

One of my good friends said something which made me think twice in a split second the other day. She said ‘you’re so lonely’, now usually crazy me would respond with a defensive savage answer but I couldn’t help but be still in the darkness of what i thought was shade. A part of me wanted to come hard at her and then I realised that maybe I needed to know where was her statement was coming from so i asked her to explain further and she said ‘you’re always drinking alone and hyping yourself up’ now from that moment i knew that her statement was not deeper than i initially thought it was and probably was coming from a good place.

It is very important to be able to analyze situations so that you can make the decision of whether your response is necessary or not because not everything needs your opinion or attention, take a second and think about what is being said and then respond with what your heart is telling you, this also saves you from being affected by things said to you that have nothing to do with you or your well-being.

If you are here to tell me that my glass isn’t for white wine I will smack you (kidding) I just enjoy drinking every type of wine from this glass (it kind of has a special place in my heart) you know those items you keep in your space with centimental values yeah this is one of them for me.

I started drinking when I got to varsity but that’s a story for another day. I enjoy the feeling of being squiffy due to alcohol and over the years it has got to a point where I want the feeling to last a little bit longer than just a few hours and on good days I Want to keep it until I am deep in my asleep and my soul is at peace. There is glory in the numbness after your first glass of your favorite drink (tell me I’m lying). It is like the feeling of becoming something great each and every time (if you’re a non drinker I hope ice cream and fizzy drinks takes you into this journey as well). Have you ever felt so happy and free from your reality that you want to tell strangers about your dreams of becoming a stripper, how you really want to tell your partner about their wack sex without you hurting their feelings, how you want to move to a different country and become the greatest but most modest in any industry that tickles your fancy. OK. These are just a few, I’m trying to give you an idea of how I’m feeling right now or anytime when the bottom of my glass is sky high.

People genuinely do not like being reminded of their habits especially the bad ones (don’t even think about it) drinking alcohol is not a bad habit unless you have been declaired by a medical doctor that youre an alchoholic and you need to seek help, there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking responsibly with the mindset of just having a bit of fun or with the end goal of just relaxing whether you are doing it all by yourself or with company. You are probably wondering why I am saying this and it’s basically because people who are non drinkers tend to see those who do as alcoholics, not that I have a problem with people’s opinions but it’s always good to clear the air and let people understand you from the right perspective. I can enjoy a glass or two of wine every night or every second night or whatever the amounts of nights I choose to and still not be an alcoholic or have problems associated with being an alcoholic. It all depends on how you take it and your reasons for doing so.

I hope you enjoyed today’s ranting, my time here has come to an end for now.

Thanks for reading 😘

6 thoughts on “What’s on your glass tonight?

  1. I think everybody needs some mind altering substance to help ease the burdens of living your life and achieving everything u set out to do,if it helps do it moderately . I was the devils advocate for many years and did stuff that i am not proud of, I found jesus and he showed me how to be compassionate…if u make peace inside your heart u will be blessed with compassion and true love will come your way always. LOL u won’t need lots of wine anymore.. $$$psalm23

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