Poverty seems glamorous to privileged people

How minimal living has taught me to appreciate the smallest things I have been blessed with.

You are probably wondering where I have been hiding, well if I told you you wouldn’t believe me but I am going to say it anyway and it is up to you whether you believe me or not. If there is anything you should know about me is that I adapt very easily in any given situation. I am more like a plug, perfectly fitting well of course only if and when I feel the situation is worth the trouble otherwise I have also mastered the art of knowing how and when to back off of situations that have nothing to do with my principles or my personal beliefs.

If you have been following my blog from the beginning you would know that I had quite a decent life while I was growing up, despite my family being a bit dysfunctional I do not recall a night where we had to go to bed on an empty stomach or had problems at school because I lacked anything needed to excell both socially and educationally as a matter of fact I actually enjoyed my life and I did not see anything wrong with the way my parents chose to raise my siblings and I but also I feel like knowledge plays a huge part in influencing the lives we live. What I am trying to say is that there was no other life I knew that was better than what I was living, yes television was there but it was not enough to influence because to us non of the television crap was ever real. Our lives where perfect.

It comes as no surprise that I ended up where I am today, a scrapbook on my lap and a pen, unfortunately there is no glass of wine on the bedside table to accompany my thoughts on paper nevertheless I am doing just fine.

I recently had an interesting conversation with a close friend of mine I quote “do you ever just look at the people from the location and can’t help but admire their lives and want to experience it at some point”?. Now, my over thinking and overly  defensive self wanted to come at this person guns blazing. I don’t know what put me off more between the fact that this person was obviously speaking from a point of privilege or the fact that they see nothing wrong with what their uttered. To me that was pure ignorance and it was unnecessary to say least.

I have recently relocated to a more minimal space than that I had for quiet some time since I moved to this town, by minimal I mean very less space and more interaction with people meaning a lot shared resources. I knew it was going to be different but the kind of different that I have had to adapt to is definitely not the one I anticipated. My view is no longer the ocean or clear skies where I could open my window on a chilli Saturday morning and feel the sea breeze on my pale skin and just let it all in. I open my window to my neiboughs semi-working cracked door that looks like it was installed by one of the Tarven regulars in the area. If i happen to get lost in it for a few seconds I realize that i basically can see most of what is happening inside and am probably stared back at. Awkward much!! At this point i immediately panic because am i really going to greet someone with their door closed, not only will that make me look strange and weird but it is utterly disrespectful. I have figured the best thing to do however is to just pretend you didn’t see anything and life goes on.

If you think it is awkward having two strangers air their laundry in a public space well imagine having to listen to your neighbors conversations not because you are nosy but the walls are so thin that you can literally hear a pin drop from next door.

I stopped complaining about my life when I moved to this place because that is when I realized that I have been living lavishly all my life and had no idea what kind of lemons where thrown to people who are less fortunate than I am. My sleeping patterns has changed drastically because at this place 10pm is just like 10am the only difference is the light. My neighbors 15 year old daughter is a music lover and oh yes she’s vocal about it regardless of the day or hour. It is 11pm and she is listening to rap songs while everybody right next to her try to fall asleep by everyone I mean both her mother and father, her sister and her grandmother. You are probably shocked at how they do it believe me I was dead shocked too. I was hesitant to take the place when I first came for a viewing simply because I felt it was too small and my belongings would not fit but my landlord assured me that this space was more than enough so I took it. I realized later that my neighbors are actually five living in a space that I thought was not big enough for me alone. If you thought it could not get any worse, hear me out. There is a gentleman who stays three room down from mine with a sound system louder than those from the Nigerian clubs in Central. They are days where he would play at the highest level of volume with an open door and leaves the whole day. Until today I have not been able to understand his logic in doing this but apparently this is the way things have been ever since his moved here so if silence is one of the things you admire I would advise you to stay away from the location.

It is easy for people to assume that living in skwatta camps and RDP houses is all fun because of how people from these places seem so carefree and happy about life but once you experience it you realize that there’s nothing glamorous about it and people there want to “get out” more than anything but the power of acceptance has lead people to believing that life is better when living in extremely low income locations.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk🙏❤️

7 thoughts on “Poverty seems glamorous to privileged people

  1. I remember when I lived in NYC I had neighbors that must have had a freaking studio in their apartment. The loudest music at all times. It was so crazy and I never understood it. So I know that feeling.
    This was a great read!

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