A bottle of Two Oceans after after 68 days of lockdown.

With everything that is going on around the world I thought i should shift our focus from the negatives and let our hair back, if it means anything we all deserve it.

Let us take a moment and remember what was once some of the great and memorable times of our lives like an after work drinks session with amazing sunset views, i mean name a better way to wind down after a tortuous week than enjoying a few drinks with mates or a wine tasting Saturday afternoon at your favorite vineyard restaurants or just simply enjoying a night out in a cosy steakhouse with your loved ones. Those were truly the best days of our lives.

Even though I am not a connoisseurs and neither do I own a wine club my experience in drinking wine over the years has allowed me to learn some of the basic characteristics of wine which makes it easy for me to describe what i like, wine is so complicated that if you are not willing to keep an open mind about it you either end up getting the same bottle everytime or like most people stay nervous to even try it out.

Today I’m having the Two Oceans Carbenet sauvignon (merlot). I am not a collector so I buy and consume. It’s originally from Western Cape (South Africa) a medium bodied ripe cherry aromas and concentrated fruit finish (as described on the label). I thoroughly enjoy wine that is not too dry and not too sweet on a room temperature this way I’m able to taste the distinctive flavors and get that thrilling sensation with every swallow. Even though i am having it with my favorite tomato based pasta tonight (which is also a recommended dish) Merlot goes in deliciously when paired with your steak, pork and as well as cured meats.

Otherwise i hope you enjoyed my Ted talk and thank you coming through.




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