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What happened with your blog? why don’t you write anymore?

You’ll probably thought i have fallen off the wagon huh, for those of you who thought i did well fact is i haven’t i am still standing firmly even though there has been a few distractions along the way which unfortunately i had no control over. Have you ever herd of the term ‘writers Block’? if its not so familiar i am happy to break it down for you; this is basically a condition that is primarily associated with writing in which the author losses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown (Clark, Irene. “invention.”concepts in composition : theory and practice in the teaching of writing. 2nd ed. New York : Routledge,2012.print.

I normally would just tell people that i am depressed and that i cant seem to find the connection with my creative side any longer. of course some of my friends would not believe me which was okay with me ( i couldn’t explain myself to each and every individual who inquired, it was highly impossible specially because i felt so heavy about the situation i was in). As much as it didn’t make sense to me why i could last fives minutes into opening my laptop its difficult having to explain it to the next person especially when you expect to be judged. I had a sudden fear of losing myself into this whole thing of writing and being labeled as a loser i feared being called mediocre more than anything i just wanted it to end so i can write again, it felt like i was on a loosing battle with my emotions and i just couldn’t get myself out of it. My mind was cluttered with bad vibes and could only focus on things that didn’t really matter.

The most important thing about writing to me is taking my reader through a journey, whether its a self discovery or an adventurous place using their imagination if i am unable to do this then it becomes purposeless and its quiet frustrating. I was at a stage where i could not reminisce on any of my interesting past experiences, everything was a blur and nothing made sense. I felt crippled with my own thoughts, i became a whole different person and it was the most darkest space i have ever been in since i began expressing my creative side to the outside world.

I have then discovered that writing for me is seasonal, there are times when i feel like i could say so much and actually say it with ease and then there’s times when my brain is frozen. this affects me not only mentally but physically as well, i either eat too much and gain 100’s of pounds or have a little too much wine and end up with massive headaches however i am not in the business of pleasing the next person my personal well being comes first otherwise there won’t be an aura to crave.

when i initially started my blog i wanted to touch on the deepest parts of my inner being and create a platform where people who either felt the same way or have had similar experiences engage and find my words therapeutic and beneficial to their lives. I appreciate each and everyone who of you who have been showing me endless love the efforts does not go unnoticed and i deeply humble myself for the support.

I have been unblocked…


Some of the cool items i have found in thrift shops around Port Elizabeth.

Thrifting is basically an ultimate example of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure. I remember my first experience of shopping in a hospice shop was in Pine town Durban with a colleague of mine who was already a master at it. At first I didn’t really understand but when she walked out with a bag full of clothes and cool vintage bags all for under R200 I suggested we go back the next so I could also find some cool and worth keeping, since then; before I go to a retail store to look for a certain item I like to make sure that it’s not available at all the thrift stores around my area. It was then when i discovered that the type of clothing i wanted was no longer sold at retail stores but with a bit of patience and persistence i would find some really cool items digging through dusty shelves and jumble racks in hospice second hand outlets.

Thrifting is a unique experience, from the excitement of finding something that you were not expecting to find to the defeat of  finding something really cool but in a wrong size and having to convince yourself that something is cooler than it it, but at end of it all even if you don”t get something that you were initially looking for you always walk out with something. thrifting is a lifestyle therefore it is not like regular shopping imagine finding timeless pieces of vintage items at an amazingly cheap price and the satisfaction that comes with the certainty that you will be the only person who own owns that particular item from your circle.

Here are some benefits of buying in thrift stores.

🌻Saving money ( thrift stores are so much cheaper than retail stores )

🌻One stop shop ( you can literally find everything you need in one store from clothing to home utilities

🌻Sale ( they sometimes have sale on items which are already low on prices which is even cooler

🌻Purpose ( hospice shops are basically charity work which serves a good purpose to the community at large

🌻New items on a daily basis

Here are a few cool items which i have found in thrift shops in the Bay.

This is one of my favourite items that I have had for over 6 years and believe it or not I paid only R30 for it at a hospice shop in Forest Hill Port Elizabeth. It is an easy to wear all seasons oversized Jersey that I can either wear with jeans, knee high boots with either a short or tights inside or just simply rock with a short denim skirt💕 I have had so many requests to give it away but not this one😍 it has become one sentimental valued item in my space.

I absolutely love these sky blue pants from Rink Street hospice shop which I bought for a whopping R20 back in 2016. I love the feel of the material in my body and the fact that they are easy to wear because they loose. I keep them for days when I want to look smart with a touch of my own style and usually pair them up with a crop top or a bodysuit of any bright colour either for a lunch or an easy stroll at the beach.

These are my all time favorites aswell. The black top/dress I got from a second hand shop this one time I was in Durban which costed me R15 even though it has become too short due to my growth I still rock it with a pair of either black jeans or black leggings with flat shoes or sneakers to create a more relaxed and playful look.  The pants I am wearing on the second picture are originally from @mango but I got them at a second hand shop in Durban Spring Field road. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price of them  was 50 rand. The material and the design of these pants is timeless I have had them since 2013 and are still relevant even till this day.💓

This is a silk Sherwani which is traditional Indian wear for Men. I got this timeless piece at the Newton Park hospice shop in Port Elizabeth some time last year for only R50. I wear it over jeans and a  T-shirt as a coat just to add a bit of chic look to my outfit.💕

Last but not least this awesome over the bum coat is originally from @woolworths but its one of the few items I got from Coat King in Govern Mbeki Avenue in Port Elizabeth central for only R50. I can rock it both with a formal and casual look and it fits perfectly with any colour that I combine it with because it is in a greyish warm colour that goes with almost anything.

Not everyone is for thrift shops nor understand what they are about but what i can say it that it is a great opportunity to turn shopping into a creative act you basically get a chance to make something out of almost nothing and still make it look cool. There’s not greater freedom and self- actualisation. 

Thank you🤗

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Salt at Stanley Street with the a couple of friends and lots of jam jars.

I remember moving into this city a couple of years ago I thought I was just passing by. I completed my National Diploma in Human Resource management at the

NelsonMandela University in the year 2016 and I thought maybe I could stay a bit longer because the windy City was still a bit friendly to me.

Stanley Street is one of South Africa’s Newest blossoming food scene according to @traveller24 situated at the heart of Richmond Hill. This is one of the most vibrant streets in the friendly city following the most famous Parliament Street which runs through the city’s business development chambers.

A Saturday afternoon after a long day at work my friends @nangamso @viwe and I enjoyed a couple of the most soothing and cooling Jam Jars served by the friendly staff @salt. A great girl time session enjoyed either on the inside or outside of the restaurant with a cooling wind and awesome view is what a girl needs after a long week of sending and receiving emails from an unfriendly boss.

Stanley Street really puts Port Elizabeth on the map with its ever developing offerings every year there is a really cool restaurant popping up with its unique menu and great architectural structure and the coolest thing about these restaurants is that they cater for all types of citizens in the area from students to working professionals as well as families.

This definitely a place to consider when hosting friends from outside of town or just simply enjoying a night or day out with loved ones💓

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1🌻 TAKE A SOLO TRIP -☮️ This is something I have always wanted to do, to get on a bus with my backpack and jump off at any destination at 00:00 and find my way around. life changes after 30 and before you know it you’re faced with different life challenges that will prevent your free time to travel and hitchhike with strangers and drink local alcohol and enjoy their festivals. traveling by yourself forces you to get out of your comfort zone and also makes you learn more about your self. it will also give you valuable thinking time to discover your passion and desires in the following chapters of your life.☮️

2🌻GET RID OF BAD HABITS -👎it is important to let go of your bad habits before you turn 30 whether it is excessive drinking or smoking or even the poor sleeping cycle that you have acquired over the years. try to bring some good changes in your life by stepping into a more healthier way of living. bad habits are setbacks which get gets us nowhere in life but we don’t see that because they are often wrapped as comfortability and enjoyment. a bad habit can simply be in a form of a bad relationship whether it is the friends you keep or the type of people you date. get involved in things that will grow you as a person and as a professional. bad habits draw more strength from you and take up most of your quality time you could spend being a better you.

3🌻Start Saving -💴 I can’t stress out how important it is to have savings in your name. even if it is R100 a month every penny counts. you don’t know what the future has in store for you. take care of your bank account so that it can take care of you, in the long run, should you face any financial troubles. there’s is nothing worse than being over 30 and still having to depend on the family for financial support.

4🌻PAY ALL YOUR CREDIT CARD BILLS -💃 I am quite certain that you do not want to get into your 30s with the financial burden from your 20s. you’re starting a new era of your life and you owe it to yourself to begin it on a clean slate. debt is a downer and just another setback which is there to stress you out so it is important to make sure that you’re clear from it before you begin your new journey.

5🌻LIVE IN A DIFFERENT CITY EVEN IF ITS FOR A YEAR. – 🌏it is important to learn independence at a young age so that when you get older you know how to handle different situations with ease. this will teach you to value your own time and know your capabilities. it might sound like a great deal but is it definitely worth it. take a job in a different town or pursue a course or just simply take a gap year to indulge and find yourself.

6🌻 DEVELOP YOUR TASTE IN ALCOHOL – 🍷take your time and discover which alcohol really works for you from wine to whiskey it is important to know what works for you. you have had enough beers and ciders throughout your 20s its time you picked from sauvignon blanc or Shiraz.

7🌻 LEARN TO COOK A PROPER MEAL-🥘 Once you turn 30 you’re going to start hosting people whether it is your colleagues or distinguished guest at your space and you want to impress and serve the best meal. you can not rely on restaurants and take out outlets after you hit your 30s. you might have not thought of this before but knowing how to cook will help you in your future so go ahead and surprise your friends and family with a special four-course meal.

8🌻GET INKED OR PIECED – 🕸️Yep I am serious and I  know you might have been postponing this for a while now but the time is now. express yourself however you have always wanted before you turn 30. you might find that you have been sleeping on the real you but it is never too late to live your life the way it was designed for you.

9🌻LEARN THE VALUE OF PHYSICAL INTIMACY- 💓The times for casual sex is over now. it is time to understand the dynamics you share with your partner. sex is no longer a matter of simple desire it is time to value the value the purity and physical intimacy.

10🌻DATE SOMEONE WHO IS NOT YOUR TYPE – 👩‍❤️‍👩Dating someone who is not your type will add a spark into your 20s chapter. it might not work out in the end but it will definitely teach you which kind of person you wish to be with in the future.

💓 If you haven’t started yet to tick the boxes your time is now.                             

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