forget society, get your life!!!

So yesterday i had a very interesting conversation with two male acquaintances and a friend of mine. At first i felt offended and attacked but then i became fully aware that it was just another typical conversation i would have with members of society even though the conversation was about me i realized that society is a curious system and there’s no running away from that peculiarity even if you wanted to . The conversation was basically focused on me and how i couldn’t afford other “important things’ in my my life but s till manage to have my hair, nails and outfits on point almost every time.

If i tell you i am broke i am not lying. my brokeness is categorized, i might be “i cant loan you that certain amount of money” broke but that does not mean i am “i cant afford to take myself out for lunch” broke. one of the guys said to me ” you cant tell me you are broke when you’re wearing your hair like that and that face flawless like that “(i had a Brazilian lace frontal wig). i wondered if i am supposed to be out there looking like a despairing disorder about to explode and invite value-less pity over my life simply because i cant afford certain things. i have grown to learn that pity does not get you anywhere in life instead it just increases the number of people who think they know you based on what they see on the outside.

Society prefers you looking dusty and pale. This gives them something to talk about. they begin to feel sorry for you and somehow forget about their own misery suddenly they feel its better to deal with your issues instead of confronting their own.

Here are my two cent tips:

🌻Pick your struggles wisely.

🌻Choose youre listners discreetly.

🌻Avoid people who make you feel less of a human because they they think they are existing better than you.

🌻leave people who are unworthy of your time out of your personal space.

🌻Don’t explain yourself if its unnecessary.

🌻Don’t take every things too deep, be easy on yourself.

🌻Work on your self-esteem, believe in your capabilities, love who you are, have a vision about your life and constantly work on that dream.

🌻Trust your process no matter how slow it may seem.

🌻Pray about it or if not visualize your life over a glass of anything you enjoy.

🌻S.L.A.Y 💅💕

Imagine loosing years of happiness that you’re never going to get back simply because you cant live the life you desire. happiness is a choice, make it! forget what the next people would say about you. You need to let people talk because that’s what they are there for. There’s no growth in misery and there’s simply no getting better until you shift your mindset and start listening to that inner voice you’ve been avoiding so much.


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So i just felt like sharing something that is completely off-topic of my blog but thought it will be a good read and someone out there might relate to it or find it interesting. You might have experienced it and if so please share your experience and how you dealt with it. 

i just had a light conversation with my mother about a horrible dream that i had two days ago . i have been living away from home for over five years now so a phone call between the two of us is always special. 

I am usually up in the wee ours of the morning with random thoughts in my mind. I would just sit there and stare in the darkness because i niether want to read nor write but just stare at the blank space. I guess its safe to say this is kind of a healing process for me hence i have been doing it for quiet some time. This morning was different though, i felt heavy like there was something dark looking over me i felt trapped i could not move no speak. I tried to pick my head up and looked on my side; there it was lying next me this huge black snake with its head up facing me. I was terrified and i let out a loud scream and tried to run off only to realise that i was waking up from a terribly bad dream. 

Tears came running down my eyes, even though i knew it was just a dream i felt heavy i wanted to be out of that room i wanted so badly to feel safe. i wanted assurance that nothing was going to happen to me. i bowed my head and whispered a little prayer  which didn’t help much  but i thought of what my mother would have said had she been there. she would have told me to say a prayer and go back to sleep. 

My mother says snakes are usually compared to people who either are doing evil deeds or wishing you evil. these people can either be friends, family members or people you associate with whether its at work or social gatherings. 

i have been struggling to sleep since that night, i feel anxious like something might happen to me. i have this weird feeling that i do have something crawling under my bed even though i have turned my room upside down checking if there really is something. A friend of mine has advised me to get myself coarse salt and sprinkle it around the room also try and bath with, apparently i will chase the bad spirits and make me feel at ease in my own space again.

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Picture me telling a dream …